Shipping Crabs

Steamed Crabs Since 1986, we have been shipping our delicious Maryland Steamed Crabs throughout the country.

Now that our crab house is no longer open, that does not mean that you cannot have fresh crabs, steamed with Obrycki's "Magical Blend of Spices" delivered to your door.  These crabs can be ordered through our partner, Harbour House Crabs.

Harbour House Crabs has been in business since 2001 and shipping steamed crabs since 2002.  During this time they have established themselves as a leader in the mail order crab business, and they are the ONLY company that we would trust with our recipes . . . and our customers

Be sure to select "Obrycki's Seasoning" when placing your order.  Keep in mind that Obrycki's Seafood Seasoning is a black pepper based seasoning that does not have rock salt in it.  It has a hotter spiciness than most red crab seasonings, but is less salty.  As we like to say "you'll go through the same amount of beer. . . but for different reasons!"